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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

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About Girl of Puzzles by ANR

Henry moves to town and runs into a girl, or rather, she runs into him. But not just any girl. He runs into Bonnie Mayweather. Bonnie is the blind girl at school, and quickly he finds that Bonnie is the ultimate girl of puzzles. And her puzzle will only be solved depending on Henry’s love.

Author Bio: ANR has been writing since 2017 and comes from a family of writers. The young, teen writer is a dedicated volunteer at the Lawrence County Museum and also enjoys photography and poetry.

Coming from Lawrence County, Ohio, ANR published her first book just a week before her fifteenth birthday. Coming from a family of writers, her grandfather being the author of multiple published books, her mother is a freelance writer for their local newspaper, being a writer is just in her blood.

She has three younger sisters and two older brothers and currently lives on a homestead in Ohio, raising their six chickens, one rooster, two dogs, five rabbits, and one cat.

The first book she ever started writing was Tree Top, but it was not the first work she published. The first-ever book published was The Butterfly Project on February 29, 2020.

ANR has been volunteering at the Lawrence County Museum since she was twelve years old and does beauty pageants in her free time.

In 2017 ANR was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, both of these conditions only worsened up until the age of fifteen, where she found her outlet. As shown in some of her poetry, ANR struggles daily with her mental health and tries to portray that in her writing. She runs a mental health blog and is fixed on helping others through her work.

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