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Amazon Best Selling Author of The Butterfly Project and If I Hadn't Held My Breath.

She also writes in the genres of fiction, fantasy, and romance.


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I love how ambitious you are and how you work your stories to really fit the characters. Well done, you work it well.

Randy Ratliff, author of The Null Hypothesis

This book was both pleasurable and painful to read at the same time. It's sad to think that a young person like Allie has suffered so much, yet pleasing to see she was able to express her pain in a creative way - which was hopefully cathartic for her, and I'm sure the poems will be relatable to others who have struggled with negative thoughts. The author is obviously a sensitive and talented person, and I highly recommend this book to those who have grappled with mental-health difficulties (which is most of us!).

Jez Inglis, author of From a Dark Place

A master piece of literature, the author knows how to make the reader fully relate to the character in a deep and meaningful way. A definite recommendation to fellow book lovers!

Aaron Elkin, Amazon customer

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