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Officially a Bestseller

ANR's first poetry book, The Butterfly Project officially hit the charts on Amazon and became the number one best seller in the mood disorders category in 2020. Since then, The Butterfly Project: Extended Edition has remained ANR's number one bestseller alongside What Divides Us.

The Butterfly Project's eBook version is completely free (and will be, forever) on most online book retailers and their is a paperback version of it available on Amazon.

There is soon to be an audiobook version of it coming in Fall 2022 via Amazon's Audible and downloadable options on this website.


ANR is a preeminent author whose professional career began back in 2020 after her first published work, The Butterfly Project was released. Since then, she's written numerous bestsellers and earned multiple awards to her name.

Instagram: @ohio_author_anr

Twitter: @ohio_author_anr


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