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If I Hadn't Held My Breath is Official Out!

A long-awaited poetry book is officially out and available for order. If I Hadn't Held My Breath was available for pre-order up until April 14th when it officially released. With one hundred and fifty poems, this is ANR's largest poetry book yet and is here just in time for World Poetry Month!

The eBook can be bought from Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play Books, but the paperback and hardcover can only be purchased on Amazon for the time being.

Described as ANR's most heartfelt poetry book, she recently stated, "It [If I Hadn't Held My Breath] was written in therapy. I never actually planned on publishing it, but my therapist sort of convinced me to put it out as a coping mechanism. She thought it could also be benefitable to others."

If I Hadn't Held My Breath differs from ANR's other poetry books in multiple ways. For one, this is a book she didn't write for anyone else. It was, originally, only for her eyes. And secondly, all of the poetry is free verse, which means it doesn't rhyme or follow any meter.

ANR's publisher, Buckeye Publishing, predicts that If I Hadn't Held My Breath will soon be just as famous as ANR's first poetry book, The Butterfly Project which hit Amazons best seller list in only two months of its publication.

So, now is the time to celebrate World Poetry Month and get your copy of If I Hadn't Held My Breath, ANR's newest poetry book themed around love, heartbreak, and betrayal.

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