The Last Train



Nineteenth-century girl, Rose, dreams of going to the big city and working as the men do. But with her mother forcing her into piano lessons and marriage, can Rose really fulfill her dreams of big city life?

Sneak Peak

I peaked out the kitchen window, and saw Harry riding up the trail.

                I went to the front porch and he got out of the wagon, grinning at me. "Good morning Miss Rosalina, is your mother about?"

                "Yes, is everything all right?" He nodded, stepping closer towards me.

                "Yes ma'am, Mr. Potter sent me to give your mother this, for the mail won't reach you in time." He held out a paper, and I gently took it, examining it with curiosity. It was a flyer, for a dance.

                "A dance?" Mother wouldn’t go to a dance, and even if she would, who was she to go with?

                "Yes ma'am." In that moment, Mother came from around the corner of the house, wiping her hands. She perked up when she noticed Harry.

                Smiling, she strolled over. "Harry, well isn't this a surprise! What brings you to these parts?"

                "Just bringing this here announcement to you, request from Mr. Potter." Mother took the flyer from my hands and looked at it, skimming over it.

                "Well this looks mighty fun!" I stared at her. "You should go Rose." My eyes widened.

                "Oh Mother, I don't know how to dance."

                "Well here's your opportunity to learn." Did my mother know me at all? No, I didn’t suppose so. My mother wasn't like Harry and I, she was even. When she looked at things, she saw them, and when she didn’t look at things, she didn’t see them. Mother would never understand my unevenness, would never understand why I wanted to wear my old boots, and why I didn't want to go to the dance.

                "Mother, who will I go with?" It was meant to be a rhetorical question, but she didn’t see it that way. I watched as she looked to Harry, and his eyes widened.

                "Me?" he mumbled.

                "Well, won't you Harry? Teach her how to dance, please?" He looked to me, obviously seeing this is not what I wanted, but she was going to force me one way or another.

                "Well, if Rosalina wants to go with me..." He murmured shuffling his feet. Mother looked to me, threatening me with her eyes, and I supposed I'd rather go with Harry then someone I didn’t know. Perhaps with him, it wouldn’t be too horrible.

                So I agreed.