Girl of Puzzles


Henry moves to town and runs into a girl, or rather, she runs into him. But not just any girl. He runs into Bonnie Mayweather. Bonnie is the blind girl at school, and quickly he finds that Bonnie is the ultimate girl of puzzles. And her puzzle will only be solved depending on Henry's love.

Sneak Peak

 “I haven’t felt this way in a long time.” She admitted. “Scared.” He drew back, but she continued to hold his neck and laid her head against his chest. 

              “What are you scared of?”


              “Losing you.” 

              “You aren’t gonna lose me!” His stern words brought tears to her eyes. How she wanted them to be true. 

              “They all say that.” 

              “Well, this guy means it. Loo—Listen to me, Bonnie!” He had struggled that week not saying, ‘Look at me’ and saying ‘Listen to me’ instead. Bonnie thought it was cute. A tear hit her cheek as he continued, “I am not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of me Bonnie. Do you hear me? I am here, I’m with you, and there’s nothing you can do about that.” She sniffled and he leaned down, kissing the side of her face. 

              “There will come a time,” She whimpered. “When you don’t want me anymore.” Bonnie had only had two boyfriends in the past, one moved, but even she knew he only dated her because he felt bad for her. And the other had broken up with her, didn’t want her, dating a blind girl was too difficult. 

              She felt Henry shake his head, and even his brown eyes filled up with tears. He couldn’t believe Bonnie would even think that. He couldn’t imagine not wanting to be around her. Meeting her and getting to know her and being her friend, was… fun. She was fun, and funny, and could brighten your day in an instant. 

              “I don’t think so, Bonnie.” He said.